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Freestyle Smalti Class
This class is different than any class you have taken because it is being individualized for you.
Class size: Minimum 6, maximum 8 students
Level of expertise: Intermediate to Advanced - you must know how to cut and lay tesserae. This is not a beginner class. Part of the joy of a class is that you will also be learning from seeing the varied and interesting projects that your classmates are creating.
Location: Class will be held in a geographically pleasing locale with several mosaic reference sites available for your enjoyment as well as a fantastic work space with plenty of light and pleasant weather.
Times: 5 days in the studio.
Studio hours are 10am to 5pm each day for hands-on mosaic work.
Studio night hours are 7:30 to 10pm for solo mosaic work, and conversation. Bring a glass of wine and have a little relaxed mosaic time in the evenings.
Project: The work will focus on your choice of a personal smalti mosaic project. It can be 2d or 3d, it can be as large as a mural or as small as a 2" x 2" miniature sculpture. With Ms. Chinn's help you may select any design, and choose to do any technique you desire.
As much individualized instruction from Lynne Chinn as you need for the months before the class commences (by email and by phone) and for the week of the class itself.
Lively discussions and friendly critiques daily about each other's work
2 field trips to local mosaic sites of interest. An excursion to view and discuss and a chance to purchase product.
Outdoor mosaic time if the students have interest and the weather permits.
Coffee, water, beverages and light snacks will be free of charge for you each day. A lunch break will be scheduled.
Ability to send and hold a package of tesserae, substrate, adhesives, designs and tools to the class site well before the class begins, then send everything home at the end of class.
Closing night dinner. You are welcome to join Lynne Chinn and our host for dinner and conversation at a lovely local restaurant. Now that you are at the end of your journey, we'd love to have a glass of wine and a delicious meal with you and your new mosaic friends!

Have you ever wanted a fun, yet intense mosaic workshop created just for you, tailored specifically to answer your questions, taught by an experienced instructor who is an award-winning mosaic artist in beautiful and calm surroundings with the ability, if desired, to work outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight?
In this 5-day intensive course in a picturesque setting, you will be asked to bring a project of your choosing to create under the watchful eye of Lynne Chinn. Whether you desire to create and work on a 3-dimensional sculpture, make and mosaic an undulating substrate, design and create a double-indirect method religious mosaic, or work on a direct-to-mesh wall mural, the subject matter, shape, and size is up to you.
You will have exclusive interaction with the instructor for 3 to 5 months before the course begins in order to discuss and plan your project, as well as time to plan and pre-purchase all of your substrates, materials and tools to bring with you or ship ahead of you. By the time you leave home you will have a clear idea of what you'll be working on so that you can hit the ground running when you arrive at the destination for class. During the class, there will be lively discussions and critiques about each of the student's work which you are welcome to listen to and learn from.

Abstract Mosaic Intensive
Can be 2 to 4 days
All levels
Minimum 8 students
Maximum 20 students (depends on studio space)
PowerPointPresentation, student handout, & hands-on mosaic work

Do you want to push the limits on your design and mosaic skills? Create an abstract mosaic under the watchful eye of award winning designer and professional mosaicist Lynne Chinn, as she navigates you through all of the elements that go into such a project.
You will learn how and where to gather your inspiration for abstraction, as well as some advanced design and color theory ideas to contemplate. New techniques will be shared for the cutting and placement of tesserae to add texture, depth, dimension and excitement to all of your work.
Materials for this project can include one or all of the following: smalti, vitreous glass, stained glass, marble and stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, shell, and specialty items.
Bring your own materials and tools. Designs, inspiration, and art supplies are included. Instructor will contact you directly for information on what else you might want to bring to boost your creativity.

Byzantine Mosaic Intensive
7 days
Intermediate to Advanced
Minimum 4 students
Maximum 8 students (depends on studio space and level of student expertise)
PowerPoint Presentation, Notebook, & hands-on mosaic work

This intensive workshop is for the serious mosaicist interested in learning how to create Byzantine-styled mosaics for themselves or for their religious clients.
For this in-depth class a personalized information-packed notebook will be prepared for each student. Additionally, the instructor will work with the student before the class begins to prepare a Byzantine design of the student's choosing and a smalti color list to purchase and work from.
A visual presentation of enthralling images entitled  "Byzantine Mosaics Ancient to Modern" will be viewed, critiqued and discussed.
You will learn to set up a workstation so that you can be creative, comfortable and efficient as you learn to make a Byzantine mosaic with modern tools, methods, and products. Ancient tools and methods will also be discussed.
Instructor will demonstrate the installation methods: direct, double direct (fiberglass mesh, adhesives), indirect (LDPE, plastic sheeting, adhesives) and double indirect.
Instructor will demonstrate the following techniques: cutting and laying smalti, template creation, calculating tile needs, and proper installation.
Instructor will discuss (and demonstrate where necessary): Adhesives; thinset, Weldbond, etc., Tools; wheeled nippers, tile nippers, hammer and hardie, marble chopper, glass grinder, tweezers, picks, palette knives, stained glass cutting tools, files, markers, brushes, cleaning tools, Substrates; plywood, Wedi-board, Hardi-backer board, and Fibrelam.
There will be an art discussion encompassing drawing, design, color, Byzantine style, Copyright laws and how to create a cartoon.
You will learn how to purchase, clean, cut, and prepare smalti. There will be a Smalti discussion regarding types, formats, the companies making it, and the distributors selling it.
A book reading list and resources pages will be part of your notebook.
The class will end with a thorough, private critique and discussion of your work and what you should concentrate on next.

Elements of Design, 2-D
2 day
All levels
Minimum 8 students
Maximum 20 students (depends on studio space)
PowerPoint Presentation, student handout, & hands-on mosaic work 

What is good design and how do you use it to create a better mosaic?
This class will be the first of a three part series focusing on the basics of design taught by award-winning designer, painter and professional mosaicist Lynne Chinn.
In this class you will begin to develop a visual language which can aid in artwork creation as well as help you converse about your artwork in terms of design.
Learn and understand the principles, rules and concepts of basic design so that they can support your personal taste, sensitivity and aesthetic when creating your mosaic artworks.
A presentation of mosaic images reinforced with a student handout will demonstrate examples of the elements discussed then you'll use your own mosaic talents to cement the ideas being taught.
Ideas, art supplies and materials supplied, please bring your wheeled nippers and an open mind.

Elements of Design: Understanding COLOR!
Can be 1 to 3 days
All levels
Minimum 8 students
Maximum 20 students (depends upon studio space)
PowerPoint presentation, student handout, hands-on mosaic work, and pre-printed work boards.

This is an in-depth class on the subject of color with emphasis on how to use it in design as well as in your mosaics.

The vibrant presentation will help you to learn: a little history about how color is understood; the process of how you see color; the psychological effects color has on you; and to make sense of the color-related terminology which puzzles us all. Then review how color is experienced in mosaics and how to use it successfully in your mosaic artworks while discovering some tools to help you do that. There will be plenty of time for discussion and questions.

For the next part of the adventure, you'll mosaic a beautifully designed smalti color wheel to take home with you for display and use in your studio. If your class is 3 days, a smalti color harmony table as well as a smalti color value & temperature chart will be added to the in-class projects.

Everything you'll need for the in-class projects including the pre-printed boards, smalti, and glue will be prepared and ready for you when you arrive.

Undulating Substrate
Can be 3 to 4 days
Intermediate to Advanced mosaic artists, no beginners, please
Minimum 8 students
Maximum 15 students
Student hand-out with images & instructions, teacher demonstration, hands-on substrate creation & hands-on mosaic work

Have you seen the award-winning mosaic "Undulate" and wondered how the artist created it? Learn how to create a shapely 2-d surface for yourself under the watchful eye of professional mosaicist Lynne Chinn, as she navigates you through all of the decisions and steps that go into such a project. 

Begin by watching the instructor demonstrate the techniques, learn which materials are best to use as a beginning substrate, what to use to build up shapes, textures and waves, what to use to cover the layers you have built-up, and which tools to use to manipulate the materials successfully so that you can create a smooth, shapely and long-lasting surface to attach your mosaic artwork to. She will also communicate how best to incorporate a hanging mechanism to this kind of substrate so that you will be able to hang your finished mosaic art work. 

Next, a one-on-one consultation with the teacher, as well as a lively group discussion will help every student in class to decide upon their own choice of bumps, bulges, waves and shapes that they would like to accomplish for their personal project. 

Then, plunge into the building process with Lynne's guidance to steer you around any pitfalls, difficulties or mistakes that can happen. 

After your surface is built, Lynne will discuss how best to design your mosaic to get the most dynamic result out of your contoured surface. She'll share some tips for calculating and ordering your materials and for preparing the raw surface for the next step of adhering your tesserae. 

If there is any time left in the class, you are welcome to start with your mosaic tesserae application. Lynne will be happy to give you some direction if desired.

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Elements of Design, 3-D

Building Beautiful Frames for your Artworks