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Micromosaic Jewelry featuring a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull
with Lynne Chinn

Hosted by Julie Richey Mosaics and Tours in the historic Bishop Arts District, Dallas, TX

Instructor:         Lynne Chinn
Sessions:         3
Times:              9:30am - 5:00pm Friday, June 15 thru Sunday, June 17, 2018
Level:               Some working knowledge of mosaics, and patience!
Cost:                600.00
Class Size:      6 students minimum, 12 students maximum
Format:            Student hand-out, audio-visual presentation, teacher demonstration, hands-on mosaic work
Materials:         85.00. The instructor will provide a custom-made .925 sterling silver pendant,micro-tweezers and file,
                         glass materials and adhesives necessary to complete your pendant. If your project is incomplete, plenty
                         of materials will be sent home with you. (This is not a glass-pulling class)

If you’ve ever seen professional mosaicist Lynne Chinn’s extremely detailed, small-scaled religious mosaic work, you’ll understand why you should entrust her to teach you to create stunning micromosaic jewelry.

For this course, she has designed and commissioned a very special sterling silver .925 beveled pendant in the shape of a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull. (Dia de los Muertos Calavera)

You will design your Skull using the finest of hand-pulled smalti as well as other modern materials which Lynne has collected from all over the world, including: Smalti Filati, glass stringers and rods, smalti, 24k white and yellow gold smalti, and small-batch Millefiori. There will be loads of reference materials including traditional Mexican patterns which you can elect to follow or use as a template, and Lynne can help guide your design choices to prevent any pitfalls you may encounter.

A audiovisual presentation will help you familiarize yourself with the many different styles of micromosaic work you could employ if you desire. The directionality of the glass rods, the smoothness or roughness of the surface, the colors or lack of color used, the style selected—traditional versus modern, the mixture of items and textures employed within your base—all of these questions will be addressed.

Next, watch as the instructor demonstrates how to set up your workstation, employ the traditional techniques in micromosaic work, and learn which adhesives are best to use as a compliment to metal and glass.

Then, settle into the meditative micromosaic process with Lynne's guidance to steer you around any pitfalls, difficulties or mistakes that can happen. 




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Lynne Chinn's class is a thrill for everyone

"Now, this is the class that I have always hoped to have. Lynne is the best teacher I've ever had!"
was just one of the comments I heard from the students at the end of the three days of fun, fellowship and laughter.
All the ladies who attended were quite surprised at the work they turned out.
I wasn't surprised though, having seen Lynne perform miracles with her charges time and time again.
Deb and I were so happy to have her back again and hope to see her again next year, too!

Jim Bowen, Artist/Teacher